Wednesday, December 01, 2021
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Aviation Gasoline (Avgas)

Pertamina Aviation supplies Avgas conforming the latest version of Defense Standard 91/90. Avgas is used for piston engine aircraft and light helicopters. Recently we supply Avgas 100LL, a low lead version of Avgas 100. There is still up to 0.56 g/litre lead in Avgas 100LL, relatively lower than that in Avgas 100.

Avgas is carefully manufactured and inspected to achieve optimum performance while meeting the wide range of temperature, altitude and power requirements for aircraft operation.

Pertamina Aviation does not approve Motor Gasoline (Mogas) for aviation use. For more information about Mogas danger for aviation use, please contact us .

Download Documents

Avgas MSDS
.pdf - 50 KB
Avgas Product Spec.
.pdf - 144 KB